About Us

Our Mission

To provide Sustainable and Clean Renewable Energy to everyone in the world.




What Drives Our Team

At Iconic Power, we’re passionate about creating a clean, healthy, energy-abundant world. Our resilient energy solutions possess the ability to deliver low-carbon energy to power the future of Zero Carbon Networks.

How Our Team Delivers

Changing the future of energy is no small task, but our diverse group of thinkers, solvers, and dreamers are up to the challenge. Driven by a shared passion for
our planet, our employees help design, produce, and distribute unique energy solutions that possess the ability to transform how we power the future of our world. To achieve our mission of energy abundance without compromises, we strive to:

  • We are Bold: We challenge the status quo to exceed our customers’ needs
  • We are Inspired: Our compassion for our planet pushes us to deliver world-leading energy solutions.
  • We are Reactive: We provide rapid enterprise to scale low-cost energy transformation.

These shared values power our team to build a better zero carbon future.

How Our Team Provides Solutions

Take Control Of Your Energy

Lock in predictable energy costs over the long-term and gain consistent power quality.

Eliminate Risk of Potential Outages

Protect your facilities against planned or unplanned grid outages and extreme weather disruptions.

Sustainability Targets

Iconic Power’s Enterprise Platform generates clean, reliable power for an electrified world and helps businesses navigate the energy transition.