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Discover how you can maintain your corporate infrastructure and network management with ICONIC Network as a Service NaaS solutions platform.

  • Onboard your entire organization in a single day
  • Easy-to-use applications for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS
  • Reduce TCO by as much as 49% by eliminating data center hosting and hardware installation
  • Improve network segmentation based on user role, device, location, and more

What is NaaS

The definition of NaaS is somewhat of a moving target and prone to hype at this point. But there are some solid NaaS characterizations.

NaaS models are inclusive of integrated hardware, software, licenses and support services delivered in a flexible consumption or subscription-based offering. Instead of buying network equipment, installing it, and operating it, a Network-as-a-Service provider owns, installs and operates the equipment, and organizations pay a monthly subscription for the network services. The immediate benefits of such a structure is as follows:

  • Cloud base solutions and file protection
  • Complete security solutions and architecture at the access edge

Additional benefits cover the following:

Enhanced Speed & Bandwidth

This next generation technology will drive wireless beyond any current capability, opening up unprecedented bandwidth.

Proven Reliability

Provides enhanced reliability enabling interference-free communications and data density, dramatically improving the user experience.

Low Network Latency

Offers lower latency by a factor of three times and can radically enable innovation, automation, and applications such as AR and VR.

Enhanced Cybersecurity

Enables additional control and precise localisation for asset tracking and user authentication.

Interference Free

Not vulnerable to interference from a wide range of devices such as cordless phones, microwaves and neighboring Wi-Fi networks. LiFi signals can be defined by the area of illumination, which means interference is much simpler to avoid and even stop altogether.

ICONIC POWER is committed to building trust

Today, we work and live in an increasingly digital world, which not only gives individuals and businesses the agility and flexibility to create, share and store information virtually, but also allows them to access a wide range of subscription-based virtual services.

For example, if you use Salesforce, Netflix, Office 365 or Adobe Creative Cloud, you’re using Software as a Service (SaaS) and If you are a developer using Microsoft Azure, Heroku, or Google App Engine, you’re using Platform as a Service (PaaS), which gives enterprises plug-and-play pre-built blocks developers can use to create customized apps and solutions. To give enterprise networks just as much agility and flexibility, there’s also Network-as-a-Service NaaS.

Envisioning a Modern Network on Demand

Simply put, NaaS is a secure, cost-effective subscription-based model that lets businesses of all sizes consume network infrastructure on-demand and as needed. Think of it like a thermostat, where you can increase or decrease temperature to suit your needs. That’s the kind of scale-up
or scale-down flexibility NaaS offers—and businesses require to stay competitive in today’s unpredictable climate.

Rebalancing network resources during COVID and beyond

The retail industry offers a great use case example. During COVID, when many physical stores were closed, retailers utilizing NaaS could easily scale down on network capacity in physical locations while increasing network capacity (speed and bandwidth) for online operations.

Now, with a “living” network that can be changed quickly and right-sized as needed, these retailers can easily manage the number of company locations and users, bandwidth required by each platform and application, and application use per employee to enable a secure, high-performance and efficient network experience.

Managed by a third party, with hardware platforms such as servers, routing, storage and switching devices virtualized, NaaS not only simplifies network complexity but also helps businesses get the most from other virtual services like SaaS and PaaS.

Fundamentally transforming and untethering the network, it also allows organizations to deploy and try new technologies without the need to buy additional networking equipment that runs the risk of becoming outdated as technology advances rapidly. For enterprises, NaaS offers more business and technical benefits than a traditional network.

  • Rigid, fixed bandwidths
  • Manually configured hardware takes longer provision
  • Requires higher capital expenditure investments
  • Not easily automated
  • Intelligent and flexible
  • Virtualized services can be changed quickly
  • Usually delivered on pay-as-you-need basis
  • Programmable and automated

As more businesses rely on apps and resources in the cloud to deliver the best experiences for their employees and customers, NaaS can future-proof the network by making it more flexible, scalable, resilient and secure, and in doing so, turn it into a platform for remarkable potential business growth for your firm.


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