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As the world makes the transition to 100% clean renewables, intelligent mass transit and transit as a whole have taken center stage in this pursuit and sit at the very heart of a Smart City Transformation.

ICONIC POWER was created to provide crucial solutions to this critical transition by providing advanced platform technologies to support this transformational moment with a particular focus on green infrastructure, green IT networks and advanced Smart Cities 2.0 security solutions.

POWERED BY ICONIC technologies are designed to be platform oriented and open source and focus directly on meeting the equitable needs of today’s city inhabitants. These engineered Smart City solutions combine game changing high-speed intelligent communication systems with Machine Learning capability for end user best outcomes, while at the  same time designed to support existing customer technologies in order to support and power City Municipal fleets of EV buses and other EV and H2 transportation solutions while providing 100% renewable power options to both public-sector and private-sector fleets now and well into the 21 st century MaaS space.

WORLDWIDE TRANSPORTATION: As 100% carbon-free transportation become increasingly vital in the battle on global warming, POWERED BY ICONIC intends to promote less polluted air in the world’s municipalities by making affordable, seamless, automated, and easy to deploy EV mass transportation “EVT” to drive this fundamental Transit change across layered open platforms while coordinating key data analytics and more efficient services and systems to support Smart City Infrastructure.

Muni-MassTransit and Fleet-as-a-Service: The transformational convergence of low-cost lithium-ion battery cells along with the availability of affordable and reliable PV and other micro-grid solar
technology has brought forth the advent of economical and reliable Green EV fleets that will run on 100% green electricity and replace the ICE internal combustion engines in today’s personal and public transportation fleets. World policies are shifting to address the needs for a clear transportation sector with the electrification of the world’s transport system being a major component of this shift.

Governmental mandates in places such as California, the Northeastern US, the UK, and Europe are leading this charge to abate the rampant spread of CO2 and other noxious petroleum-based pollutants which have ravaged our planet’s atmosphere and fogged and polluted our cities, countrysides, and municipal areas.

Addressing this immediate need for clean and 100% carbon-free transportation, our initiatives are both bold and far reaching. The EV Muni-Mass Transport as a Service POWERED BY ICONIC has earmarked more than $3.4 Billion of fleet and charging infrastructure development funds over the next 3-years to be deployed globally in the world’s leading cities and municipal areas.


POWERED BY ICONIC provides insights about where, when, and how people move around your city. By analyzing billions of your fleets’ and riders’ real-time and historical data points, uncover the data that really matters to you, helping you make data-driven mobility decisions. Our first of its kind HALO App Platform achieves this reality. Providing the best of Machine Learning combined with real time prescriptive and predictive analytics for end user optimum learning outcomes. Whether those
being control and command end users administrators of city citizen end users.

HALO – AI and Machine Learning Platform provides data driven decisions with an enhanced and agile end user experience. Core highlights attributes specific to HALO include:

  • Digital Wallet – Fare Payments capability including digital currency payments that can be integrated from multiple payment platforms
  • Urban Mobility Analytics
  • On-Demand City transportation
  • Mobile and web-based app for passengers

HALO – Administrators are provided with real time data-driven decisions and an operational system to increase ridership, reduce traffic congestion, and solve first-/last-mile challenges. Administrators leverage the power of big data analytics for smart, accurate and efficient service.

As part of our MaaS platform, HALO offers an On-Demand solution, an out-of-the-box holistic solution allowing to quickly set up a full ride-sharing solution in a given service area. Our unique

approach includes both planning and operations proficiency, powered by HALO urban analytics for unprecedented planning accuracy before implementation.

On-Demand Components

POWERED BY ICONIC – Transit Data Manager can handle the most complex of transit data workflows, enabling transit operators and agencies of all sizes to optimize the creation and
management of your transit data. Move away from time-consuming, complicated spreadsheet maintenance, and gain full control over your data. The solution allows public transit authorities and
agencies of all sizes to aggregate key data in real time across all organizational constructs.


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